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HealthMAP - A Supplemental Health Insurance Plan

  • Reduce employee out-of-pocket medical costs

  • Traditional and HSA-compatible options

  • Simple to understand anf easy to implement

As the cost to access and utilize health insurance continues to increase, employers and employees are looking for solutions.

Medical expenses are continuing to increase for both employers and employees, and “supplemental” or “secondary” products are becoming increasingly more important. These plans cover out-of-pocket expenses related to deductibles, copays, and coinsurance, and they help employees with the burden of their underlying Affordable Care Act (ACA)-qualified major medical plan’s high out-of-pocket limits.

HealthMAP is designed to work in tandem with a group ACA-qualified major medical plan. It helps to strengthen the group’s employee benefit package while also helping to manage the ever increasing cost of providing benefits to employees.

We are now quoting HealthMAP for 10/1 Effective Dates!

For more information, please contact Tandem Medical Solutions and get appointed today!

For a downloadable version of this brochure, please click below.

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